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I'm a Vinyl DJ based in Richmond.

I play good-time music all around Melbourne and Victoria

for birthdays, private house parties and fun social events.


I'm a DJ at:


The Cherry Tree Hotel, Cremorne

(Saturday night vinyl sessions),

KaDo Warehouse, Cremorne

(Private Events DJ)




Radio BarBrunswick Street, Fitzroy

(Founder of Transmission events)


The Music:

My sets feature a quality mix

of classics & modern.


Genres include jazz, funk, dub, '60s soul,

'80s synth-pop, alternative, new-wave,

'70s disco, '90s-2000s nightclub classics,

funky electro, deep house & IDM

(with a few rad surprises thrown in).

I like to play as much vinyl as possible

on two turntables.


I can bring / set-up

my own quality sound-system if required

(see specs below)

Happy to take client's requests

with an aim to drop them into the live mix

when the vibe & moment is right on the night.

Please get in touch

to chat about the music for your event.


Music Events:

To keep in the loop

about upcoming gigs & special events,

please "like" / follow my FB events page :

See events HERE

Equipment info.

(Events for 10 to 300 people):

- Bowers & Wilkins Loudspeakers Bass Sub

(Imported, UK)
- LD Systems Dave Subwoofer, High Class 15G3
- Large LD Systems Loud Speakers, 150w / 40 hurtz

with custom stands
- Rotel Multi-Channel Power Amplifier, RB-985 MkII

(Imported, Germany)
- Reloop IQ2 + DSP Mixer
- 2 x Reloop Professional Direct Drive Turntables

with Ortofon Stylus & Cartridges
- Sennheiser HD 25 Light Headphones
- Mic if required
- Lights (AVE Led-Dance Sound-Activated Rotation Party Light,
Arlec Laser Projector, rose gold fairy lights,

disco-ball as requested!)
- Library of 20,000 + superior sound quality songs on digital format
- Collection of 3,000 + Vinyl Records on LP / 7" / 12"
(Usually a few crates of vinyl are selected for a night).


Richie G.


Richie G - Vinyl 7-inches.jpg

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